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Web Security-as-a-Service Platform.  An affordable cloud-based security stack fully-managed by security experts.  Unyielding protection against the web’s  greatest known & unknown dangers fully managed by certified security analysts

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A Robust All-in-One, 24/7 Website Security Solution 

Instead of “off the shelf “ solutions we implement a service that focuses what matters to you which can scale and adapt to your specific business requirements

What is cWatch Website Security?

cWatch Web is a Managed Security Service (MSS) operating in a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This means it is software (no appliance required) designed to protect your company's web activity. The web is a small businesses' principal venue for its IT operations and increasingly so for businesses of all sizes.

What is cWatch Web?


Unyielding protection against the web’s  

greatest known & unknown dangers fully-  managed by certified security analysts.

Who is it for?


Any company or organization with a financial stake in the success of its website and online reputation

What does it do?


Boosts website performance, monitors and protects against vulnerabilities, malware, DDoS, blacklists, OWASP and other attacks. Remediates as needed.

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Who doesn't need it ?


Business & website owners who wish to hire their own security team to handle and build their own website security, protection, monitoring and remediation systems and protocols

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