Man loses 1 lakh in online fraud of booze buying

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Ordering booze from the comfort of the house proved costly for a man. Can we not use our common sense and understand simple precaution of not giving our credit card details on phone to another person. Is credit card number not supposed to be a secret? Blind trust is bound to prove costly.

A seemingly innocent order placed for home delivery for a wine bottle has caused a customer to lose Rs. 1.25 lakhs over three transactions, becoming the latest victim of an online fraud.

The victim searched for the contact details for Ujwal Wines, Andheri - East online on October 12 and proceeded to call and place an order. Upon being informed that cash on delivery service isn’t available, he was coaxed into parting with his card details, along with his onetime password (OTP).

Working as a deputy manager for a mobile service provider, the victim lost his money between 10:20 pm and 11:15 pm. He got an alert for the first transaction of Rs. 31,777 but when he called the number, he was assured that it was a mistake and the refund will the initiated immediately. Sensing no foul, the imposter took the victim’s card details again but again there was another transaction of Rs. 31,777 made. While a final transaction of Rs. 61,000 was made at 11:15 pm, the victim understood the severity of the situation and blocked his card, proceeding on to file a complaint with the bank.

Surprisingly, there were at least 75 online reviews warning people to not fall prey to fraud by making an online purchase from Ujwal Wines. While registering a police complaint with the Andheri police, he was informed that the owner had also filed a complaint as his store was being used to dupe customers who placed on call orders for home delivery. The owner had also filed a complaint with the search engine but to no avail. This goes to show the importance of doing adequate research before parting with key information, financial or otherwise online.

The victim claimed that having received home delivery in the past, he didn’t doubt the authenticity of the contact number nor did he doubt the person he was speaking to as they were polite and professional while taking the order. The victim has now filed an FIR against the mobile numbers – 7027043565 and 8723877079 after losing a hefty Rs. 1.5 lakhs that was credited to a Mobikwik e-wallet. Unfortunately, before the e-wallet could be blocked, most of the money siphoned off had been withdrawn from the e-wallet.

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