Actor in peril after WhatsApp account hacked and female friends harassed

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

A well-known actor, was the most recent victim of cyber crime, after his WhatsApp account was allegedly hacked and a series of inappropriate texts and obscene calls were directed to his friends. A FIR was finally filed with the Goregaon Police Station, Mumbai, after painstaking time and effort. Complainant explained that he was at the airport when he received a call from an unknown international number around midnight. “My brother is in the US and I thought it might be him trying to reach me. When I answered the call, I found it to be a pre-recorded message giving out a six-digit WhatsApp code. I hung up as I hadn’t requested for the code. Thereafter, I received messages twice, again sending the code,” he is quoted as saying. Not too long after, he lost access to his Whatsapp app and when he tried logging back, he was unable to for the next six hours.

While this incident took place, someone else was believed to have gained unauthorised access to Complainant’s personal WhatsApp account, which was immediately converted to a business account. An actress friend received a video call around 1 am from complainant’s number. “I did not accept it the first time as it was quite late in the night. I then got messages urging me to answer the call and check out something interesting. As I know Complainant professionally, and trust him, I accepted the next video call. I was horrified to find a man masturbating on camera. I recorded the call for evidence,” she said, which was reported by Times of India.

Following the incident, multiple friends of complainant contacted him concerning this issue and he realised that his account had been hacked. “There were four other women friends who had received obscene calls and texts. Demands were made to them for nude images,” said Goswami. About 45 other friends also got calls and texts, and requests for OTPs, from his number.

Goswami eventually went to the Goregaon Police Station to report a FIR, where they accepted a written application, but without registering a FIR. He was then sent to the cybercrime police station in BKC, which was not productive as they sent him back to where he started, to the Goregaon police station. After a lot of running about and spending several hours waiting at the police station on Tuesday afternoon, a FIR was filed. “After six hours, when I regained access of my WhatsApp account, it had been converted back into a personal account from a business one. I immediately set up a password for protection,” he said.

Goregaon Police Station is investigating the said case.

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