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Our digital forensics experts collectively have substantial experience as digital forensics practitioners in the Government  and private sectors. Dead Forensics as well as Live Forensics is our forte and our experts are well trained in handling digital evidence in a forensically sound manner.

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Digtal/Cyber Forensic Service Areas

We provide both on-site as well off-site forensic acquisition services. 

Service Description



Our certified experts have performed forensic examinations on computer systems in thousands of cases related to digital evidence or e-discovery. Using forensically sound methodology and leading technology, we ensure no digital evidence goes uncovered. No matter the claim, we can assist you in every step of the investigative or litigation process, from collection and preservation to reporting and expert testimony.



Cell phones are used for everything from making calls and sending texts to transferring money and storing confidential documents. Modern cell phones can store millions of records of data in the form of emails, messages, pictures, location data, and financial information, among thousands of others. With state-of-the-art forensic tools, our certified experts can recover this data from cell phones, including data that has been deleted, and provide expert testimony.




Using records obtained from cellular service providers, our cellular analysis experts can determine the historic location of a person or object based upon cell phone activity. Our examiners handle dozens of phone record analysis investigations every year, and have testified in courts on numerous occasions. The proper interpretation of these records, both for location and meaning, is critical in every case




  • Incident Response

  • Digital Evidence Collection

  • Analysis of Digital Evidence

  • Conclusion

  • Detail Investigation

  • Support in filing F.I.R. with Police

  • Technical support to police in investigation

  • Legal Consultancy

  • Support in filing litigation in Civil Court

  • Support during the trail or hearing of suit.

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